CAR Workshop 2014

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Date(s) - 01/25/2014
11:00 am - 3:00 pm

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The Bay and Tampa Funcoast Areas will be hosting a Conference Agenda Report Workshop.

Free food and Drink.

2014 CAR Information from the WSC

What is “The CAR”?

It’s one of the ways Narcotics Anonymous World Services informs the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous worldwide what is happening, what needs to be discussed , what needs to be voted on and the future direction of the NA fellowship worldwide as a whole.


It is a compilation of motions that have been brought before Narcotics Anonymous at the world level. Just as we have motions and business meetings at group levels, area levels and regional levels we also have them at the world level. They are voted on at the World Service Conference (WSC) once every two years by delegates from each region in the world. The CAR is made in preparation for the WSC (World Service Conference).

Motions can be made by Regions or the World Board. Motions made by regions often involve issues important to the region, while World Board motions concern the world-wide fellowship as a whole. These motions affect NA as a whole and impact NA members all around the world. The delegates from the regions are directed to vote based upon the consensus of the region itself.

How the Voting Works

Each Group Service Representative (GSR) has an opportunity to learn about the motions by attending a CAR workshop. The GSR then goes to their group and has a meeting
(suggested as a separate one from business or regular meeting) to explain the motions to their group and have voting. The GSR then goes to the Area Service Committee (ASC) meeting and gives the Regional Committee Member (RCM) their tally of the votes. The RCM then compiles them and brings it to the Regional Service Committee (RSC) and the RSC compiles those tallies from all areas. Every one has an opportunity to learn about the CAR and vote on it at their group.

Why is it Important That a Group Representative Attend A CAR Workshop?

It’s important that each group have at least one person who has a thorough understanding of the CAR before voting so that no biases are created and so that questions can be answered thoroughly and accurately. The representative does not have to be the GSR if they do not have one OR the GSR cannot attend.

The workshop will provide information about the CAR report and the WCS 2010. The WSC 2010 theme is “Our Visions, Our Future”. This means your input is very important to the present and future of NA worldwide.

“There’s a sense of pride when we can see the results of discussions and decisions after reading the CAR. When we see a particular piece of literature on the rack at our meetings and we can say to ourselves, “I voted on that piece,” we feel connected to NA in a way that we may not have felt before. It’s our chance to be part of that “collective expression” our Mission Statement talks about.”
—From pg. 2 of World Board Report

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