Final Tradition Book Project

Greetings from NA World Services,

We are excited to present you with the final batch of review material for the Traditions Project. This packet contains drafts of the Tradition Eleven and Twelve, as well as a closing section called “All Will Be Well.” As a reminder, chapters for Tradition Seven through Ten are still out for review. All current review materials are online at

The deadline for input on Traditions Seven through Ten is 31 August. The deadline for input on Traditions Eleven, Tradition Twelve, and the conclusion is 30 September. We strongly encourage you to send input as early as possible—there’s no need to hold your input until you’ve read the entire batch; a chapter at a time (or even a section at a time) is actually preferable. The sooner we receive your input, the more time we have to incorporate your ideas into the revisions. An approval form will be published in November 2015 as an addendum to the Conference Agenda Report (CAR).

Thank you, once again, for your participation.

NA World Services

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