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Narcotics Anonymous Literature for the Community

Information About NA includes facts about the history of NA, organizational philosophy, and membership demographics.

NA: A Resource in Your Community provides information about local NA services that may be available such as public service announcements, phone lines, literature sales, and NA presentations for health fairs, schools and professional conferences.

For the Families

Addiction affects us all, not just the addict. In most cases we have our own issues we need to face in order to live healthy and happy lives. There are many places where family members can seek help for themselves. While NA doesn’t endorse or recommend any other fellowship or facility we do understand they do provide a place for people to find their way of healing. Family members of addicts may want to seek support in Nar-Anon Family Groups.*


We recognize that we are not licensed to deal with medical issues regarding early treatment for addition. In some cases, outside help is necessary. There are places in Pinellas County that can help with medical issues related to addiction including hospitals, clinics, detoxes, and other facilities.

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