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Meetings (2)

How many meetings are in the Bay Area?

There are currently 121 meetings and 63 Groups.

How do I find a meeting?

There are many options to make it simple for all visitors:

  1. Browse our interactive meeting list
  2. Use our interactive map
  3. Download our Current Print Version of the Bay Area Meeting List (PDF)
  4. We have also provided ways to look up meetings in other areas here.


Announcements (1)

How do I find news about NA in our area?

All Area Service announcements related to the Bay Area can be found here:

Group Announcements have their own special place here:

Groups may also announcement that they need support, where they will get listed here:

General (1)

How can I contribute to the Bay Area web site?

This website’s sole purpose is to support our area to carry the message of NA to the addicts in our area. To better serve that purpose we have put the power to communicate effectively to our audience in the power of our members. To accomplish this, we have provided the following:

  1. A Feedback button – available on the left of all pages of the website. This allows you to submit an Idea, Question, Problem, or Praise.
  2. Make an Announcement Page – Here you can make an Area or Group Announcement, announce an event, or ask that members come out and support your meeting.
  3. Create an Event Page – Everyone has the ability to create an event to be published on our site.
  4. Submit something to our Newsletter – Whether you want to submit an article, an idea, a poem, or artwork, we are always open to accepting things for our Around The Bay Newsletter.