Privacy Policy

Our Twelfth Tradition states, “Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.”

Cookies: We believe in supporting the spirit of our tradition of personal anonymity on the Internet by stating clearly that we do not employ any technical means to track or identify any visitor to this website. For further information on “cookies,” consult your Internet browser’s help utility or other Internet resource.

Communications: Any communication submitted to will be treated with confidentiality and anonymity in mind. We will delete all communications received on a regular basis. We do not guarantee total anonymity in all circumstances. We suggest that the senders of email take their own precautions if they desire to remain anonymous.

All communications are considered to be official NA business and require some level of identification for the purposes of responding to those communications. All efforts will be made to pass on communications in a timely manner to a responsible trusted servant.

The only time anyone’s personal information may be gathered is when a site visitor fills in one of our online forms (which we are currently not incorporating). When completing this type of form, we suggest that you keep within the typical NA method of identifying yourself – John D. or Jane D. is preferred.

At the same time, it is vital that you understand why we may ask for your email address. Simply put, we need to do all we can to help, and when you submit a comment, question or suggestion, we often need to be able to follow up on that submission, and therefore need a way to contact you. Also, in order to receive these submissions, our Internet mail system requires a valid return email address.

Please note however, that at this time, it is our policy to permanently delete all incoming email after it has been successfully handled. We do not maintain records of correspondence after that time.

There are alternative methods for communicating with service committees within These alternatives are listed on our Contact Us page. Please utilize this information if it is necessary to fulfill your needs.

Under no circumstances will we forward email of a personal nature to any NA member here at This is an official website of the Bay Area of Narcotics Anonymous and we do not acknowledge anyone’s membership in the fellowship. Thank you for respecting this policy.

Policy Changes: The policy outlined here will evolve in the future as the guidelines and policies for our website are updated at the direction of the Bay Area Service Committee of NA. Your comments are welcome on this topic.

Thank you for letting us be of service,
The Web Servant Team